Thursday, January 09, 2014

Amaze Knight-The Key

Self-Release/Independent Recording

Turin, Italy's Amaze Knight was formed in November of 2010 by Christian Dimasi (guitars/vocals) and Michele Scotti (drums). Along the way towards the recording of "The Key", which is the group's first full-length recording and is available as a free download at the bandcamp link below, Fabrizio Aseglio was added as Amaze Knight's lead vocalist with Matteo Cerantola (bass player) and Davide Gemello (keyboards) rounding out the project. Additionally, Max Tempia joined in on the recording of "The Key" as a session keyboardist. A concept album in nature, with a total of 5 tracks running over 47 minutes in length, "The Key" is about "describing emotions, experiences and considerations through a common story which bounds one song to the other, with a varied and unpredictable sound, caused by the many different musical influence each member of the band brings with himself". All of which takes the form of progressive metal. In fact, fans of progressive metal (specifically Dream Theater) would do well to take a break from their day to day activities and check out "The Key" and it's epic compositions. As a whole the band are superb musicians (especially evident by the guitars and keys/piano) and as far as debut recordings it would be hard to suggest that you could do any better than this one! Brilliantly played, which is highlighted by phenomenal piano passages and Christian Dimasi's skilled guitar playing, "The Key" really took me by surprise with it's elegance and majestic compositions! And yet it's still very much a metal album at it's core. Christian Dimasi's playing adds a  tantalizing edge to these numbers that suggest a band that is classically-trained (or at least classically-inspired) while still rooted in the realm of hard rock. All of which translates into an enjoyable listening experience and an album that I'm more than willing to recommend!

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