Friday, January 03, 2014

Weekly Round-Up

Happy New Year! It is now officially 2014. Hopefully everyone had a safe New Year's Eve celebration. Mine was low key. A few Strongbows, a bowl of snacks and I was in bed by 10:45! Wait, what? You mean I didn't stay up until midnight? What's up with that? Well, with my ex in town taking the kids for the night there seemed to be little need to stay up and watch the ball drop. I mean, what would I do then? Toast myself and....? Exactly. Why bother? But, with 2014 comes the hope that maybe just maybe this might be the year where everything turns around for me and I make do on my personal promise to myself to get it all right. No resolutions or anything of that sh*t as those never work. But, I'd still like to get to that point where it all kind of makes a lick of sense. But, that is for another time so let us see what's what. Um, I didn't get to my DVD review. Dang. Also, I had promised a review of Stargate's "Reborn". The thing is I dig some digging and found out that I had already reviewed the album earlier on! I'm getting older and greyer and WAY MORE forgetful folks about what I've covered and not covered, but it happens to the best of us so hey, no harm and no foul! Still, I do hope to get to that DVD review and hopefully post my "Best of 2014" list. Also, Crystal Viper's new disc should be reviewed as should albums by Sparta and Pleonexia. And, last but certainly not least, I will be putting up the details on a contest to win some metal goodies! So, stay tuned in friends and fellow heavy metal maniacs and, as they say around these parts (aka: my office/basement!), "Keep it Loud and Proud!"!

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