Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Dirty Skirty "Devil Dancer" Single

In conjunction with Sleaze Roxx, who I have to thank for previously turning me on to some great acts like Wild Bitch and Shock (whose full-length album, "Once Denied", will be making an appearance in my upcoming, "Best of 2013" article!), Floria's Dirty Skirty are streaming their new single "Devil Dancer". Due for inclusion on the band's upcoming studio album "Rebel", which is the the follow-up to 2010's "Long Live Rock N' Roll"* (pictured above and well-worth checking out if this new single is any indication at all of the band's previous work!), the track is prime-mover, shake a leg for rock and roll, hard rock along the lines of Buckcherry. Well, that is if Buckcherry was a bit more more Aerosmith in their approach at life verses, let's say, Guns N' Roses. Step past the gawd awful moniker (I'm sorry, but seriously?) and instead just listen in as Dirty Skirty lead singer Luke Stephens takes you for a little spin down to "Detroit Rock City" via the "Highway To Hell". As carefree as it gets, "Devil Dancer" is the perfect soundtrack for rock and rollers who want to let down their long hair and live and let live!  You can try it on for size at the link below and the new album, which is tentatively scheduled for release on April 6th, will be available for purchase at

Metal Mark's review of "Long Live Rock N' Roll": 

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