Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Forgotten Gems: May-Linn's "May-Linn"

Uninspiring name and album art aside, Belgium's May-Linn's lone 1988 album is about as fine of a traditional heavy metal/power metal release as there is! Or at least in regards to one that you've probably never heard of before. Initially this unassuming 8-track release was issued on Shark Records, but thankfully a CD version was released by No Remorse Records in 2010. Opening with the cut "Soldier", which is about as close as one can get to real power metal while still waving the banner for homegrown heavy metal, the release works it's way through one track after another of solid heavy metal while lead vocalist Steen Nielsen breathes life into cuts like "Joey Don't Care", "Breakout" and "Dangerous Games". This Forgotten Gem can be looked at as a great snapshot of the late eighties power metal scene especially in regards to what was going on in Belgium at the time. Along with the likes of Ostrogoth, Crossfire and Warhead this is one of my more favorite "under the radar" type bands that most collectors probably know of, but probably not casual listeners. As a straight-up eighties power metal/eighties metal release this one is hard to pass up and seeing as it can usually be had for under $20 it's one album that I like to recommend for those looking for something new from heavy metal's heyday. The only draw-back to this release (or rather to the 2010 re-release by No Remorse) is the bare-bones booklet. Make that more like a simple inlay as there is literally nothing to it! That's a small nit-pick item though and in no way should it sway you away from adding this golden nugget of eighties metal to your personal collection!  








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