Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Blackchest-The Lung of Stone

Attitude-Headbanger's House

If it isn't at all obvious enough by this EP's album art then let me make things a bit more clear. You can file this one under "pirate metal". Or at least theme-wise. Formed in 2005, and lead by guitarist/vocalist Jack Oliver (aka Calleb Oliveira?), this four-piece heavy/power metal act hails from Itabuna, Bahia (Brazil) with "The Lung of Stone" serving as their official debut release. Now, before we get too far into the role of that piracy plays in a band like Blackchest I do have to wonder if I predestined to land this EP. After all, look at the EP's sticker below:

That's right, this came from my record store! OK, not really. But, that still made me smile when I unearthed it from a bundle of promo material (to which I say a must hearty thank you to my friend Glenn!). So, what are we to make of Brazil's Blackchest then? I mean, other then the fact that Brazil seems like a strange place to find a band of metalheads doing the old "Hoist the Jolly Roger!"! Well, despite the (obvious) temptation to label this bunch "Brazil's answer to Running Wild" this is one four-piece that (musically) has more in common with the eighties power metal scene! Back in the day (when bands by the dozens were popping up everything trying to be the next Metallica or Megadeth) a band like Blackchest would have found plenty of love from the metal community thanks to their earnest love and respect from straight, to the point, heavy-handed power metal. More then anything that is the most striking feature about this bunch from Brazil. There's clearly a distinct love for old-school power metal and, to a lesser extent, thrash. Rounded out by guitarist Mauricio Sousa (also of the Brazilian death metal band Escarnium), bassit André Costa and drummer Fábio Loureiro this is the sound of a band that, while technically still in the formative years, shows a lot of potential for long-term success. The only downside to this 4-track EP, which was co-released by Recht Records back in November of 2013,is the somewhat uneven mix. On occasion the vocals sound as if they were not mixed properly, but with a proper budget and a well-schooled production team this is an outfit that could easily make a bit of noise in the power metal scene especially since they have a niche that isn't that worn-out yet. Blackchest is another new band that I'll be keeping an eye out for as I have a sneaking suspicion that this bunch could be sitting on hidden gold!

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