Friday, January 03, 2014

Win a Prize Pack from Knuckle Duster Management!

Thanks to the kindness of Knuckle Duster Management (specifically Deborah Robinson) Heavy Metal Time Machine is offering U.S. residents* a chance to win a prize package featuring the likes of Stone Cold Kill and Stiletto Farm! That's right folks. From the very same amazing people who gave us the (exceptional and must-see!) documentary "Madder Than a Full Moon Dog" I present to you, our faithful U.S. readers, a goodie bag which will include the following items:

One DVD copy of "Madder Than a Full Moon Dog"

One copy of Stone Cold Kill's "Out For Blood"

One copy of Stiletto Farm's "Bad Reception" Single

What's more I may even throw in a few other surprises** to make this prize package all the more sweet! So, how do you win something as awesome as this you may be asking? Well, simply shoot me an e-mail at the address provided below with the header "I want to win some metal Andy!" by 1/10/14. It's as simple as that! On 1/11/14 I will announce the winner. Easy enough right?

*Contest is open to U.S. residents only.

**Surprises may include promo CDs, stickers, etc. 

Send you entree to: andrewjdavis (AT) no later than 1/10/14

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