Monday, January 13, 2014

Toxic Waltz-Decades Of Pain


Bavarian thrash metal merchants Toxic Waltz, who shouldn't be confused with the Spanish act of the same name, no doubt took their moniker from one of Exodus' more well-known tracks. But, it's not just name game we're talking about here as this young, high-class thrash act, which was founded in 2009 by lead guitarist Jimi and ex-drummer Tim, also bows it's collective heads in awe and worship at the alter of all things Exodus and (pretty much) all of Bay Area thrash of old! With Angelo on lead vocals and Jimi of lead guitar (and not to mention rhythm guitarist Alex, bass player Rahman and drummer Flo) the band makes the most of their 9 track debut album by blitzing out the same wonderful thrash that made the late eighties/early nineties such a cool time to live through and mosh out to! Back in the days of leather jackets, spikes, chain wallets and bullet (waist) belts a band like this would have been all the rage given how closely this 39 minute thrasher rocks the boat (style-wise) of bands like the aforementioned Exodus, Heathen, Death Angel, Forbidden and (to a lesser extent) Lääz Rockit and Metallica! Of course by reading all of that one might be tempted to just write-this young bunch off as retro-thrashers riding the proverbial bandwagon. I suppose you could look at it that way although by my calculations (or rather how these tunes ripped through my eardrums!) a band like Toxic Waltz comes across as a bit more legit then many other similar-sounding, Bay Area-obsessed, metal maniacs. Maybe it's the (obvious) enthusiasm of these five young gentlemen. Or maybe it's just the fact that Toxic Waltz is A) technically savvy and B) talented when it comes to the song-writing portion of being in a band. Whichever area you want to look at or whatever element you want to focus on this lot just has "IT"...that extra something that's needed to separate the impostors from the real deal. Is there room to grow? Sure. That's about a given when you're talking about young bands and their debut albums. But as that first step out into the light of day this is really solid thrash metal for those of us who like love real thrash metal. If you count yourself in that court then this one would be well-worth tracking down when it's (officially) released later this month!

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