Thursday, January 09, 2014

Jesters of Destiny-Fun at the Funeral (2014 LP Reissue)

Ektro/Full Contact

This is not so much a review, as I've covered this release before as part of a Forgotten Gems segment (You can read my original view on "Fun at the Funeral" material right below) , but a note to all Jesters of Destiny fans that "Fun at the Funeral" will be getting a Ektro/Full Contact LP re-issue! That's right, in 2014 Ektro/Full Contact will reportedly be issuing a "near-exact replica of the original vinyl album, with the expected improved mastering and better graphics reproductions." Not only that, but word has it that Bruce Duff and Ray Violet (founding members of Jesters of Destiny and the only consistent members during the group's four-year existence) are working away in the studio (probably as I type this!) on a new, as-yet-unnamed (but probably cooler than cool!) Jesters of Destiny album! Now that's some good news to start of the new year!!! 

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