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Let's face it. We all love traditional heavy metal. It's classic and even timeless (if it's been cooked to absolute  perfection-see works by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, Riot and UFO to name just a few!) and for many of us it was our first taste of the "forbidden fruit". But sometimes you find yourself craving something more. Something heavier, faster and all around more menacing. We've all had that itch and that's where  a band like Dissorted comes into play. This German band's first EP, "I", scratches that thrash metal itch with a sound that is old-fashioned in all the right ways! First formed in 2004 and having seen their fair share of line-up changes early on, Dissorted came into their own in 2006 at which point a stable line-up had finally become reality. Having already shared the stage with bands such as Awakening Sun, Cyrence, Dust Bolt, Intöxicated, James Rivera’s Sabbath Judas Sabbath, Nator, Scavanger, Secutor, Speedbreaker, Stormhammer and Toxic Waltz (thus building up a loyal fan-base for their particularly deadly take on old-school melodic thrash!), Dissorted kills it on their first piece of studio recording! Fronted by onetime Odeon guitarist' Mirco Ebersold (aka Mirco), with the pair of Sebastian Stulz (ex-South Of Heaven) and Florian "Flo" Schadhauser complimenting Mirco's effective voice by way of fast & frenzied guitar solos that are nothing short of toxic(!), Dissorted seems as if it was costumed-built for those who simply love the classic thrash and the Bay Area scene of old! If you haven't gone into a full-out rage in awhile then  "I" will have you thrashing like a maniac like it was 1980 something all over again! And thank God for that! But, what exactly does it taste like I hear you asking? Well, this deadly-potent (it's got a high alcohol count after all!) home-brew brings to a boil the likes of Overkill, Testament, Exodus, Megadeth, "Kill 'EM All"-era Metallica, Death Angel, Whiplash, Forbidden, Rigor Mortis and Vio-lence before bottling it all up and letting it age to perfection! Just before it's ready to be consumed/thoroughly enjoyed it's uncorked and poured through a filter out of necessity so that all the unnecessary additives can be carefully removed. Said filter features some nice Iced Earth textures and modern day touches with the final (highly addictive) beverage best served pipping hot! That in a nutshell is what you end up with on "I" and yes my friends it is as deliciously drinkable as it all sounds! From one thrash metal fanatic to another this one's an absolute beast on an EP and if Dissorted's potent brand of metallic verwunderung doesn't leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside then friends I sure as hell don't know what will!

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