Monday, June 15, 2015

Free Metal Monday: Tower-Tower


For today's Free Metal Monday feature we have Tower from New York City. The band is expertly fronted by Sarabeth Linden and the name-your-own-price "Tower" looks to be the group's first studio recording. Produced, mixed & mastered by Jeff Filmer and the band-members themselves, "Tower" features three cool tracks in the form of "Flames", "Mountains", and "Hold on to Me". That last number is arguably the best of the lot and on this EP the line-up looks to be Sarabeth Linden (lead vocals), James Danzo (guitar),
Zak Penley (guitar), Philippe Arman (bass guitar & vocals), and Joey Bouchard (drums). Tower is every-bit as real and rock-steady as the city it hails from (after all this city gave us everyone from The Ramones to Nuclear Assault)! and because I believe in giving credit where credit is due this is yet another fine suggestion from the one and only Paul Rote! There are a lot of  good reasons why I follow Paul on Bandcamp, but the biggest one would have to be the fact that the two of us share similar tastes in music. In the case of  Tower that would be heavy rock/heavy metal with a none-to-subtle eighties tint! Paul was more or less spot on when he said "This lies somewhere between Mötley Crüe and Accept", but let's make sure to clarify that comment by adding the word "early" to Mötley Crüe and rewriting the last bit so that it says "Restless and Wild" through "Metal Heart"-era Accept. Otherwise that is Tower in a nutshell and on this three-track EP these New Yorkers want nothing more than to share their love of old-school hard rock and heavy metal with the old and young alike! As this is (potentially) the band's first recording there is obviously room to grow, but from what I hear on "Tower" this is one group that could do some serious damage if given a fair shot. I'd love to see what this band could do with a legit budget and hear how they would fare on a full-length album. For now this EP is a great addition to any one's personal collection and I will eagerly be hyping it to friends and fellow collectors!

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thank you SO MUCH for your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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