Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Logic(il)logic Records

Formed in 2014 and named after Ol' Blue Eyes himself, Italy's Sinatras made their first appearance on these pages with the EP, "Six-Sexy-Songs". That was back in early August of 2015. Here it is all of these years later and we are just now getting a full-length disc from this extreme five-piece band.  Ladies and gentlemen let's talk about a long-overdue album! Especially when we are touching on the sensitive topic of every one's favorite Death 'n' Roll band. All thrashed up and as groove-heavy as they come(!), "Drowned" might have taken a longtime to get from the drawing board to the studio, but damn it man, it is something fierce! These (thrash) metal-minded Sinatra boys sure as hell know how to throw a party!! All of which reminds me of something we need to address. Like the Ramones before them, F.L.A. (lead vox) and company use pseudonyms in place of their last names. Guitar duties fall on the stone cold killer pair of Lele & Minkio Sinatra and the band's rhythm section (bassist Lispio Sinatra and drummer Jenny Sinatra) truly is second to none! With the same last name game firmly in place, guitarist Lele Sinatra promised a "multi-faced album featuring a solid thrash metal base enriched with death metal influences, metalcore and some melodic atmospheres". To that end I'd say he succeeded! Inspired by the likes of Carcass, Entombed, Pantera, and Hatebreed (to name just a few!), Italy's Sinatras slay everything and everyone that gets in it's way. That's all fine and dandy on its own, but when you tack on groove metal of the highest caliber? All I can say is "Wow!". Sure, there is a weird cover of "You Spin Me Round". What's one so-so track out the lot? Not too shabby is the answer you're looking for. With high marks for song-writing, performances, and all of the unreal variety, "Drowned" is nothing but a fun run through the jungles of metal paradise! You can and really should pick this one up on  bandcamp or Amazon. Afterwords be sure to check out the band's Facebook page.

PS: I've got my friend Stefano to thank for this beast. It's everything that one could ever hope for when it comes to loose and lethal Death 'n' Roll...only it's way cooler because of the slight nods of appreciation to hard rock, hard metal, hardcore, and hard-hitting THRASH! This album sure does make for a good time!! 

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