Saturday, March 18, 2017

Steel Machine-Burning Valves


Formed in 2006 and currently lurking about in the Jyväskylä/Helsinki area, Steel Machine is a f**king sweet ass name for this heavy/speed metal band. The three-piece group, which is lead by guitarist/vocalist Timo Takala (Septure) and sports influences like Motörhead, Tank, and Carnivore, has seven releases to it's name. Six of them are demos and "Burning Valves" is the band's first EP. Available to download by heading here, Steel Machine's latest studio output reminds me of the Belgium band Killer. In no way, shape, of form is that a bad thing, "Burning Valves" is also the product of the three listed bands from above (Motörhead, Tank, and Carnivore) and the eighties metal scene & sound. If anything, Timo Takala and his cohorts in crime (bassist Sebastian Bergman and drummer Juha Forsström ) cram all of those sources of inspiration into one hell of a speed metal band that is as hard as it is heavy! With this release serving as my first introduction to Steel Machine, Finland has yet again won me over with it's epic metal scene!! 

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