Monday, March 20, 2017

Witchers Creed-Witchers Creed EP 17


 Witchers Creed is a hard & heavy/doom metal band that is made up of guitarist/vocalist Filip Andersson, bassist/vocalist Emil Bjällerhag, and drummer Charlie Rangstedt. This two-track recording looks as if it is the first release from this occult Swedish trio and it clocks in at over 14 minutes! The group's influences include Black Sabbath, Leaf Hound, Pentagram, & Orchid and I have the always reliable Paul Rote to thank for introducing me to this killer the release! I completely agree with Paul's statement that this is "Mountain meets Sabbath meets your favorite underground seventies hard acid rock band". I might add in a little piece about the early days of stoner rock (and how it influenced the back end of these riff-rock warriors from the underworld!), but otherwise this one sure as hell sounds as if it has been ripped straight out of the seventies and time warped to the here and now! With this fuzzed-over release likely serving as the group's first time in the studio, Witchers Creed is bound to get all kinds of notice from fans, critics, and labels alike! Glory awaits these Swedish merchants of doom and, frankly-speaking my friends and fellow rockers, I cannot wait to see what else this band is capable of!!  

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