Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Open Burn-Open Burn


Formed in 2016 and featuring lead vocals courtesy of Eric Johns (ex-First Born, ex-Simple Aggression), Open Burn is a really cool moniker for this Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati-based heavy/power metal band! I am honestly surprised that these four guys were the first outfit to utilize such a name. It's perfectly suited for the metal scene as a whole. Does it reflect this band's style? Eh, probably not. Influenced by traditional heavy metal and the U.S. power scene of old, Open Burn is not quite as hostile or aggressive as the name would suggest. What they might lack in extremism they more than make up for in other areas. With the Dio-like vocals of Eric John up front and center, Open Burn plays with finesse and extreme prowess. The group's technical ability is never in question and neither is their professionalism. This five-track EP could probably be described as a cross between (solo) Dio and Metal Church's first two albums. For Open Burn this is the best way to introduce themselves as it is all hits and no misfires. "Open Burn" serves as the debut release for this up-and-coming band that just so happens to includes a couple of members with ties to the progressive power metal group Lethal*. Those three individuals would be Dell Hull (guitars), Glen Cook (bass), and Jerry Hartman (drums). Apparently Open Burn is as a side project for the guys in Lethal. Based upon what we have here on this EP, Lethal might want to consider taking a back seat to this hot new project! If the group's full-length debut (which is supposedly in the works as I type) is as good as this EP is then it could be a legitimate contender for "2017's Best Metal Debut Album"!  Ultimately only time will tell if that actually happens, but thanks to "Open Burn" all the signs are there!!

*As in the same Lethal that gave us 1990's "Programed".

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