Monday, April 24, 2017

Zex-Child Soldier

No Front Teeth Records

Ottawa, Ontarios' Zex (vocalist Gretchen Steel, guitarist Jo Capitalicide, bassist Gab Hole, and drummer: Mark Useless) has a new single out. It's entitled "Child Soldier" and it is everything that we have come to love and expect from this (socially-conscious) four-piece band! Last heard from in 2015 with "Fear No Man", vocalist Gretchen Steel and her punk metal companions have perfected their one of a kind sound. It falls somewhere between punk rock and (N.W.O.B.H.M.-infused) garage metal and yes, it is AWESOME! If you have never heard it for yourself then A) Your life is incomplete and B) These two songs are as good a place as any to dive right into! And speaking of (stage) diving right in, Zex PLEASE come to my part of Ohio!! If you're reading this then please know that the U.S. needs Zex. We need your loud take on punk rock and we need your message.  Your U.S. fans want to bop about and slam dance to your mission and your cause. Please come before it is too late...

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