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Ugly is a new sludge metal/doom metal band from Prescott, Arizona that is lead by black metal vocalist Krysta and comprised of Chris (guitars), Brandon (bass/vox), and Ben (drums). I just stumbled across the group's debut EP, "Butcher", and there was no way in hell that I could keep such good news to myself! In addition to the slow burn that is this EP's fiendish title track(!), "Butcher" includes the cuts "They Will Find Me", "Time To Run", "Remember Him", and "Your Job". All of the tracks are good in their own way, but it was "Time To Run" and "Your Job" that made me want to share this EP with our readers. "Your Time" is the only track on "Butcher" to feature clean vocals* and "Time To Run" (with it's clever use of samples) has a certain flow about it that points towards bigger and better things for this four-piece band. If I was reading things correctly then Ugly will be recording it's full-length album sometime in 2017. From what I hear on this EP, "Butcher" might just be the first few steps in this band's journey towards proper recognition and respect. Anyway that is into sludge metal and/or (blackened) doom metal should give this one a spin.

*I have no issues whatsoever with Krysta's voice. It's perfectly suited for this band. "Your Job" merely shows off a different side of the group. The track "Butcher", which opens this highly-recommend EP, works as well as it does because of the bleak and blackened voice of Ugly's lead singer.    

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