Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Blame The Wizards-EP


Have you ever stopped to wonder what "God of Thunder" (Kiss) would sound like if it was brutally gang raped by members of Gwar, The Melvins, and Dwarves? Be honest. If you answered yes then A) You're every-bit as messed up as I am (to which I say congrats!) and B) You may want to check out Blame The Wizard's song, "Master of the Mountain". At just over five minutes in length it is the longest track on Blame The Wizards' debut. That release is entitled "EP" and it finds band-mates Maleficus Bocephus Rex, Boko Totochtin, and Ba'al Berith chucking caution to the wind as they toke their way through five "colorful" songs! In addition to (early) Gwar, The Melvins, and Valiant Thorr, Seattle's Blame The Wizards owes a debt of gratitude to vintage punk, garage rock, stoner rock, raw metal, and (dive bar-approved!) hard rock. On "EP" those influences were ground up into a fine dust and then snorted. With that buzz still affecting the group's movements, Blame The Wizards hit the road and headed straight towards the studio. On the ride over there everyone was drinking Laser and sniffing glue. Once they got into the studio they started drinking MD 20/20 and someone decided it would be a good idea to drop some acid. After smoking a shit ton weed for good measure (because why not?) this trio started cranking out the tunes. Someone fell over and they hit the record button on the way down to the ground. In a nutshell that is "EP". Having first hear it back on April 4th, Blame The Wizards' first batch of songs has been rocking around and knocking about in my head ever since. What's more, I can't get enough of it! I'm guessing that not everyone will have the same reaction. Obviously this strange trip won't suite every one's tastes. But for those of you who are adventurous? I say give it a spin. You might just find what you're looking for.

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That is a fantastic band name.

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