Thursday, April 06, 2017

Accept-I'm a Rebel (Platinum Edition)

AFM Records
"I'm A Rebel" was the second full-length from Germany's Accept. Along with the group's self-titled release,  1981's "Breaker", and 1982's "Restless And Wild" it is getting the platinum treatment from AFM records. I've already posted my review of  "Accept" (Platinum Edition) and unless something dramatic happens, AMF Record's reissues of "Breaker" and "Restless And Wild" will be covered in the same manor. Initially released in the summer of 1980, Accept's second album is a huge improvement over their self-titled debut. It was the first album to feature Stefan Kaufmann on drums and it found the group working with producer Dick Steffens. Opening with the insane title track* (a instant classic and essential Accept number!), "I'm A Rebel" shows the band moving in the direction of a more consistent sound. Along with that consistent sound, Accept suddenly had quality material to perform and a handful of song lyrics that actual made sense! Udo was starting to come into his own and Accept was starting to sound like a band that could get things done. Honestly, the HUGE leap in talent between "Accept" and "I'm A Rebel" is like nothing else out there. This 1980 LP was so good that it almost makes you forget all about it's predecessor! Whereas "Accept" had only one song that was worthy of recognition ("Lady Lou"), "I'm A Rebel" is a record with a heartbeat and a vision. There is a lot to love about songs like "Save Us", "Thunder And Lightning", "China Lady", "I Wanna Be No Hero", and "Do It". They are all slightly different and yet they all rock in their own right. "I'm A Rebel" is an album full of catchy material. It doesn't really matter if it is rock, hard rock, or heavy metal music that Accept is playing on this album. No matter the exact genre, Accept had it covered. Everything about the album is an improvement over "Accept". Udo's voice is better and so is the guitar playing. The bass parts are heavier and more Stefan Kaufmann's drumming is consistent. Even the two ballads work. They are "No Time To "Lose" and "The King". Just like he did on Accept's debut album, bassist Peter Baltes handles the vocals on these softer moments. As much as I love Udo's work on this album (and man do I ever!), Peter does an admirable job as a front-man. The two ballads on "I'm A Rebel" show off the melodic side of early Accept and they offer a nice contrast to Udo's gruff voice. Ultimately, "I'm A Rebel" is a really solid release on it's own. It's essential for Accept fans no matter how you slice it. That being said, AFM's exclusive digipak edition is a nice upgrade on the 1980 album. Due for release on the 14th of this month, I'm a Rebel (Platinum Edition)  comes with a live version of the title track. This bonus cut was recorded on the latest “Dirkschneider” tour and it is legitimately awesome! For as old as Udo is now (65?) he still sounds incredible!  Yes, it is a shame that he isn't fronting Accept anymore. These things happen. Does it take anything away from this disc? No. If anything it just makes this 2017 edition that much more special. It serves as a constant reminder of how the legend of Udo got started and how Accept became every one's favorite German metal band. Both of those events are worth celebrating and what better way is there to do that than picking up a copy of AFM's Platinum Edition of "I'm A Rebel"? 

*"I'm A Rebel" was written by Alexander Young (the older brother of Malcolm and Angus Young)

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