Monday, March 27, 2017

Absinthe From Society-The Angels Ignored US


 Absinthe From Society is a (post-progressive) hard and heavy rock/alternative metal band from Edmonton that lists it's influences as N.I.N, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana*, Marilyn Manson, The Tea Party, and The Foo Fighters. Active since 2006, Absinthe From Society is lead by founder, guitarist, keyboardist, and ultra-edgy front-man Ian "Saint Absinthe" Harper. This 16-minute jam is the band's second EP and it serves as the follow-up to 2012's "Project Infection". Opening up with the utterly-sick "A Man Possessed", "The Angels Ignored US" finds Ian backed-up by skilled players Lexi "Shitkicker 9000" Graham (bass and vocals) and Adam "The Caveman" Roberts (drums and percussion). With the other three songs ("Hellbent", "Worth It", and "Never") just as righteous as the first one, Absinthe From Society's new release has turned me into an overnight fan of this trio! There are several reasons for this instant connection. First of all, "The Angels Ignored US" is heavy and crunchy enough to pass for a post-metal release. The jagged guitar playing of lead singer Ian helps make this possible. Next up we have the aggressive rhythm section to talk about. With Adam "The Caveman" Roberts keeping everything in check, Lex's bass lines offer the perfect amount of resistance to Ian's guitar performances. Thanks to the tight interplay between the bass and the guitar this EP has a nu metal/modern metal vibe going for it (think somewhere along the lines of Helmet mixed with System of a Down and the better parts of Korn). And yes, it does work better on tape than it does on paper! From there we have progressive rock additives and a splash or two of post-grunge. Add it some simply great textures and the band's keen understanding on the ins and outs of (late 80's and early 90's) alternative metal and you have the surefire makings of one awesome EP! Admittedly it took me two listens to get to that point, but that had more to do with the track arrangement on the promo version as opposed to this bandcamp one. Ultimately that bandcamp version was the one I preferred as it has a different flow about it. And all it took was moving two tracks around! It's strange how that works sometimes...

*While I hear a little bit of the other influences (as well as band's such as Helmet, System of a Down, Filter (1st album only), King's X, and strangely even Modest Mouse!) "The Angels Ignored US" really works for me because it takes a major cue from ("In Utero"-era) Nirvana! I adore that album and I just love how this talented trio works it's influence into this EP.

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