Friday, March 24, 2017


Witches Brew

"Steelballs" is a self-titled EP from the Argentinian heavy/speed metal band of the same name. It was originally released in August of 2016. Initially there were only three tracks on the recording, "Steelballs ", "Farewell", and "Inquisitor Of Faith" are original compositions and damn good ones at that! This particular version was released in late December of 2016 and it adds a choice cover of Helloween's "Starlight" to what was already a killer EP. Influences include not only the aforementioned Helloween (early years mostly), but Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, (early) Running Wild, Blind Guardian, Riot, Grave Digger, and Manowar. Available as a digital download, "Steelballs" is most definitely worthy of  the silver CD treatment from Witches Brew! Their CD version comes with a six panel booklet and that is the way that I will be going with this highly-recommend EP as soon as I get the extra funds! Why all the fuss? Well, I hate to use this tired old cliche, but you really need to hear this one for yourself (if you are to truly understand the pure heavy metal essence that this five-piece band packs). Steelballs' debut is a real treat for anyone that cannot get enough of old school metal or the European power/speed metal scene of the eighties! Hell, the original composition, "Inquisitor Of Faith", is worth the price of admission alone! That track is pure gold for anyone that loves (legit) speed metal, but when you add in that cover of "Starlight"...well, "Steelballs" because essential! Don't just take my word for it though. Head over to the group's bandcamp page and blast it! You won't be sorry....

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

That sounds like one of those bands that could either be seen as pure cheese or really cool. I'm leaning towards the second choice. I need to hear this one.

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