Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Void Inn-I Can Hope


Formed in 2010 by the wizard pair of Jelena Vujanovic (lead vox) and Sinisa Pejovic (guitar), Serbia's Void Inn released their debut EP, "I Can Hope", one year ago today. I've got no cue as to why it's only now making the rounds. With bass guitarist Marko Djoric and drummer Nebojsa Mandic filling out the ranks in style, Void Inn's "I Can Hope" is a (one and done) knock-out punch in a scene full of nothing but chumps! Thanks to the many influences of this (grunge-infused) hard rock/dark metal band this six track EP is about as damn close as you can get to being an essential pick-up!! Along with lead singer Jelena's Danzing-like vocals (which are stone cold superb!), "I Can Hope" builds itself out of the best parts of Alice In Chains, Megadeth, Down, Pantera (minus the groove), Metallica (minus the modern day suck aspect), Black Sabbath/ (early) solo Ozzy*, Samhain & Danzig, Soundgarden (everything up to and incl. "Badmotorfinger"), (early) White Zombie, Tool, Metal Church's first two albums, Tad, My Sister's Machine, and Type O Negative (minus the keyboards and with a bit more Carnivore added into the mix). When you add in a form fitting production job and some cheerless lyrics to go with the disc's dark vibe, "I Can Hope" is one EP that is going to get a lot of replays on my home stereo! Give this band some time and a little bit of support and they are going to something else!! I'd stake money on it.  

 *Especially all of the great guitarists that Ozzy had in his early solo years!

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