Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Barber-General Thrashing

Zero Hero Recordings

Moscow, Russia's The Barber released "General Thrashing" close to one year ago, but I'll be damned if that is going to stop me from bring it up now! If you are a fan of (underground) punk rock n' roll, eighties hardcore punk, and Motörhead then chances are you'll feel the same kind of instant attachment to the band's debut LP as I did. I'm not going to say that you won't like The Barber if all three of those genres are not heavily represented in your personal music collection. Mixed in with vintage punk and (street-worthy) hardcore, "General Thrashing" has more than enough (metallic) rock and roll to get you up out of your seat and into the pit. Just so there is no question about it these guys known how to write (Grade A) material that is every-bit as catchy as it is cruel. You can thank the group's legitimate ability to absorb the greatness that is (and forever will be!) garage rock and roll for that revelation. Preceded by the 2014 EP "Original since 80th", The Barber's first full-length album could easily cross on through to the other side. I'm just wondering if the general population will be able to see The Barber for what it really is. Will they understand the spirit of this band and what makes them tick? Can they look beyond the cool music and the good times? Hell if I know. Maybe it doesn't even matter. I mean as long as people spread spread the word about these guys then it is all golden. But that's the kicker. It isn't enough to just experience the music of The Barber. You need to share it with other people. Deep down inside I get the feeling that this Russian band is the real deal. Let's not go changing that. Sell this band to your friends for what they are. We desperately need to rally around this lot and others like them so that they don't feel pressured to change for the sake of more gigs or a record contract.  As can be heard here, The Barber's latest release is a wicked cover of The Exploited's "Beat The Bastards". That's a good sign that these Russian musicians are still tied to their roots and that they are marching forward to the beat of their drummer alone.  With all of the obstacles that have surely sprung up,  The Barber gets mad props from me for sticking to their guns!

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