Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Death of Kings-Hell Comes to Life

Boris Records

Based in Atalanta, Georgia and active since 2009, Death of Kings is a (vintage thrash-infused) traditional heavy metal band that seems to love Motörhead as much as I do! The obvious question now is where have they been all my life? Eh, scratch that. After taking a look at the group's Facebook page it sure looks as if Death of Kings has been tearing up the scene for some time now. Apparently they have also shared the stage with the likes of Morbid Angel, D.R.I, Mastodon, Skeletonwitch, and 3 Inches of Blood. I guess the better question would be "Why am I always the last to know about groups like this?". Having made their studio debut in 2010,  Death of Kings now has two demos, two EPs, a split, and one single to it's name. For some dumb reason this 7" vinyl serves as my first introduction to these thrash-loving merchants of true heavy metal. That is an epic fail on my part so how about if I reach across the aisle and make things right? Due out on March 31st, "Hell Comes to Life" is the latest recording for this (loud & proud) band that is lead by Matt Matson (vocals/guitar). With bassist Scott Price and drummer Amos Rifkin (Spewtilator) anchoring this mean S.O.B with brute force, Death of Kings also features guitarist Matt Kilpatrick from the death metal band Cemetery Filth. This forthcoming release includes the title track and "Hell Patrol". As previously mentioned, Motörhead is a key source of inspiration, but then again so are the bands Exodus, Testament, Slayer, (early) Tank, Kreator, Destruction, (and to a lesser extent) Venom. On the second spin, "Hell Comes to Life" reaffirmed my suspicion that there was some love shown for Seattle's The Accüsed vibes, but I don't think it is intentional. It might just be something as simple as Matt Matson's vocal delivery, but I felt it all the same. Speaking of Death of Kings kick ass front-man, Matt does a stand-up job of getting right after the mic on these two tracks. His vocal style makes "Hell Comes to Life" all the more unrelenting (and dare I even say sinister?) Backed up by his (unholy) heavy metal brothers in arms, Matt Matson grabs hold of the listener and delivers a fierce & fiery sermon on hell's power to rock you from the grave! With a full-length album due out later in the year, I simply cannot wait until Matt delivers a follow-up lesson with the full blessing and support of this (heavy metal worshiping!) thrash-attack band!!

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