Monday, April 10, 2017

Alleyway-Let's Get Destroyed


Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and inspired by the likes of Motörhead, Venom, and (the) Misfits,  Alleyway is a three-piece band that would be absolutely perfect for your last hooray before heading off to rehab! For band members Andy, Nick, and Dave the perfect party would include (piss-warm) 40 ounces, cold pizza, and lots of smokes. Once you hear "Let's Get Destroyed" you are going to want to book these guys so make sure you have all of that on hand (as well as hard liquor and hard living women!) before reaching for the phone!! With this stumble-drunk release serving as the long-awaited follow-up 2013's "No Last Call", Alleyway is well on their way towards becoming every one's favorite trash metal band.  Be sure to flag down the bandwagon now kids. This party is going to be one for the ages!

PS-Along with "No Last Call", "Let's Get Destroyed" was released on LP. Digital download kids might not care about that, but for us older rock n rollers that is a glorious thing! By mixing vintage punk rock, street metal, raw thrash, and garage rock and roll(!) these three guys have a hell of a good thing going. While I have to wait until I'm paid again (which sucks!), "Let's Get Destroyed" and "No Last Call" will make for good additions to vinyl collection. Sure, I did have to scale it down after the ex-wife ran off and left me with two kids and no health insurance (post-kidney transplant and what not), but it's slowly coming around again. And we all know how much better things sound on vinyl. Right? Right! 

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