Friday, April 07, 2017


Transcending Obscurity India  

Lucidreams is a long-standing heavy metal band from Indian that is currently comprised of Vineesh Venugopal (lead vocals), Deepak Vijaykumar (guitars), Jayanth Sridhar (guitars), Narayan Shrouthy (bass), and drummer Steve Jaby (Stephen Anthony). Originally formed under the name Avalanche, "Ballox" finds this veteran outfit paying homage to the heavy metal heroes of yesterday while simultaneously forging ahead with their unparalleled take on true heavy metal! As far as that first part goes, Lucidreams' primarily influences are (early) solo Ozzy, classic Megadeth (especially in regards to the smashing guitar performances of  Deepak Vijaykumar & Jayanth Sridhar!), (post-Ozzy Osbourne) Black Sabbath, and (80's-era) Judas Priest. No bones about it. That is all killer in it's own right. Especially since Lucidreams strives extremely hard to make those influences work for the betterment of the band. With that being said, Lucidream's new EP flat-out rules because of the group's own distinctive edge and the obvious love that they have for real, honest to goodness (all natural with no artificial ingredients!) heavy metal! After you factor in the awesome vocal delivery of Vineesh Venugopal and this band's first-class rhythm section...well, "Ballox" is one of the best examples of true heavy metal out there! And just so there are no questions about it here's the deal. In no way, shape, or form is Lucidreams a New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal band. And they are not a vintage metal revivalist act. "Ballox" is the sound of an actual heavy metal band performing real heavy metal. In this day and age real heavy metal isn't impossible to find, but it is hardly ever as grand as this EP is! Available for pre-order by clicking on the link above, "Ballox" is electrifying and it makes me pumped-up for the future of Lucidreams. Let's all hope and prayer that a full-length album won't be that far off.

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