Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Satan's Hallow-Satan's Hallow

Underground Power Records

It goes without saying that Chicago has a treasured history of heavy metal. You can start with the bands Trouble, Zoetrope, and Thrust. These three groups (which I personally love) were all different from one another and yet they started a longstanding scene that is still pumping out cool bands. Two of the more current ones that I dig are Hëssler and Shokker . While these two groups offer different takes on heavy metal they are both enjoyable in their own way. The same thing can be said about Satan's Hallow. Formed in 2013 and featuring the exceptional voice of Mandy Martillo, Satan's Hallow is a traditional heavy metal band that draws it's influences from N.W.O.B.H.M. and the 80's metal scene. This full-length album, which serves as the long-anticipated follow-up to 2015's "The Horror b​/​w Satan's Hallow" and will also be released on vinyl and CD, is the self-titled debut from Satan's Hallow. It is also an instant classic. When I first introduced Satan's Hallow to our readers back in mid-March of  2015 I predicted big things would happen for this band. Mind you it wasn't as if I was psychic. The band's first single was just too good to suggest anything but future success. Those two songs ("The Horror" & "Satan's Hallow") not only show up on the band's new album, but they are surrounded by even better material! Frankly I have no idea how that is even possible!! Starting off with the killer number "Reaching For The Night", "Satan's Hallow" will be will one of 2017's "Top 10 Debut Albums"!! First off there are no duds on this album. Each song has been worked over in order that they are at the peak of perfection. Credit goes to not only Mandy Martillo*, but the album's line-up of:  Von Jugel (lead and rhythm guitar), Steve "Lethal" Beaudette (lead and rhythm guitar), Jose Salazar (bass), and Patrick "Rüsty" Glöckle (drums). You would be hard-pressed to find a unit this precise. Collectively-speaking, Satan's Hallow crafted a heavy metal album that is one for the ages! The shear talent of these five musicians is nothing short of amazing and it results in a near-perfect debut!! The album's new tracks are "Reaching For The Night", "Choir Of The Cursed", "Hot Passion", "Black Angle", "Moving On", "Still Alive", and  "Beyond The Bells". When you combine them with the two tracks from aforementioned single ("Satan's Hallow" and "The Horror") you get this wicked journey that you must hear from being to end. With nods of appreciation and/or sincere love also shown for Mercyful Fate, Acid, and Warlock, Satan's Hollow has magically transformed it's core influences (N.W.O.B.H.M. and 80's metal) into something distinctly original on their first album. If you call yourself any kind of heavy metal fan, "Satan's Hallow" is an obligatory pick-up. Welcome back you Chicago metalheads. Next time let's try not to be gone for so long!   

*Mandy has been dubbed "An American version of Doro" by others before me and I won't argue that point. It's more of a compliment than anything else. Especially seeing as she excels as the lead singer of this buzz-worthy band!  

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