Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Amken-Theater of the Absurd

No Remorse Records

Amken is a thrash metal band from Greece that has been active since 2011. For whatever reason the group is only now getting around to issuing their first full-length release, "Theater of the Absurd". While it's a shame that is has taken this up-and-coming band so long to get to it, Amken's 8-song debut is a 10 out of 10 album that is so incredibly good that it leaves me speechless! As a life-long fan of all things thrash (from the Bay Area scene to Germany's Big Three!) I cannot find a single fault with this Greek band or their full-length debut!! Our longtime readers should know how much of a complement it is when I say this next part. Amken would have been a perfect fit on my favorite compilation, "Rising Metal"!  Originally released in 1988 on K-Tel International Records,  "Rising Metal" features bands like Death Angel, Slayer, Overkill, Exodus, Megadeth, and Testament. Over time it has become one of the greatest examples of thrash metal done right. Other than Chicago's Trouble, "Rising Metal" is one Grade A thrash band after another. When I first heard this Greek band I couldn't help but place them in the same category as these legends. And this is just the band's debut album! I can't even image how great this band will get over time. Kudos to No Remorse Records for this HOT signing!

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