Monday, April 17, 2017

Böneyard-Below Mediocrity

Witches Brew

Formed back on October 31st of 2015 and featuring two musicians that have ties to the Greek death metal outfit Foul Entry (vocalist Teethsmasher and bassist Defouler), Böneyard is a blackened street metal/punk speed metal band that seems to share my deep affection  for "Welcome To Hell"-era Venom, Israel's Promiscuity and all things Motörhead! What happens when you throw in some mad love for Sweden's Bathory and Gehennah? Obviously enough you end up with "Below Mediocrity". With four original compositions and a cover of  Gehennah's "Decibel Rebel", Böneyard's debut EP can be played several times over before the cops show up to investigate your next-door neighbors noise complaint!! That's right folks. Thanks to the guys in Böneyard (who are not to be confused with the Spanish act that gave us "Fear of a Zombie Planet") you could be kicking out the jams in style while the cops are in the process of kicking down your front door!! Nice. Available as a digital download and on CD, "Below Mediocrity"* is meant to be played as loud as humanly possible! It's a wildly reckless release from a raw and crazy band that also includes guitarist The Witcher and guitarist The Chatterer. And to answer your next question, yes, I do want this CD for my personal collection! I also want to see what else these guys have up their sleeves!!  

*Drums are courtesy of Giorgos Melios (Rapture, ex-Acid Fury)

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