Monday, May 08, 2017

Free Metal Monday: Nomanic-Nomanic


Nomanic is a up-and-coming heavy/thrash metal band from Orange County, California that has "Huge potential for success!" written all over it! Members include Ryan Rangel, Chris Bramlett, Eddie Chacon, Morgen Chiaravolloti, and Nick Wheatley. The group's (highly-recommended) self-titled EP, which was just released last month and is free to download, showcases a hungry and talented young band that won't be pigeonholed and isn't afraid to shake up the thrash metal scene! While the EP itself is a bit rough around the edges production-wise, "Nomanic" features strong material that is expertly performed by a group of skilled (if seemingly sincere) musicians. With one eye pointed toward perfection, Nomanic has all of the tools needed to go the distance...especially if they are as good live as they are on tape.

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