Sunday, April 30, 2017

Stallion's Mane-Stallion's Mane


Released on January 19th, "Stallion's Mane" is the debut EP from the Canadian heavy metal band of the same name. It is available on cassette tape and as a digital download. The cassette version is limited to a mere 50 copies(!) and the two songs on this EP are "Antimatter Siege" and "Wasteland Rebels". Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Stallion's Mane is a bit of a mystery as there are no members listed on the group's bandcamp page and there doesn't appear to any sort of website associated with the name! That being said, "Stallion's Mane" is the sound of 100% pure heavy metal done right. It has style and it has class.  There is obviously some serious talent going on behind the scene. At only two dollars to download (and $5.00 plus shipping for the cassette) this nine minute plus EP is far too good to not share!! Hopefully this is just the starting point for this mysterious outfit...

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