Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fatal Method-A Wolf Amongst Sheep


Fatal Method is four-piece metal band from Canton, Ohio that has been around since 2007. Released back in mid-September of 2016, "A Wolf Amongst Sheep" is the band's third album and my first proper introduction to this musically-strong & highly-adaptable outfit. Influences range from Lamb of God to modern-day Avenged Sevenfold (strangely enough this is by way of progressive metal, vintage thrash, early Slayer and post-Black album Metallica!) and (in a very good way) this 15-track album goes out of it's way to be as versatile as humanly possible! The songwriting is there and the performances/skill levels of the various musicians is spot on and never in question. I love almost everything about this Ohio band and on any another other day this would easily be a 10 out of 10 recording!! So, what's the hang-up? In no uncertain terms it's the vocals. And that would be guitarist Dan Powell's department. The group's Facebook page boldly proclaims how Dan has a "dynamic voice, a wide vocal range, and various screaming techniques". I will agree that Daniel Powell has a wide vocal range, but in no way is it dynamite. If not for track number four ("Our War") I would have become very sad about this album and I might have given up. From that point onward it is hit or miss, but those first few numbers were painful. Dan Powell isn't terrible on these early songs. It's jut that he sounds as if he should be fronting a emo hard rock band or something! When your sound is aggressive and riff heavy that is not the kind of singer that you want up front on the mic. It kills me to have to say all of this because I really do dig this band's take on explosive metal. Are the vocals bad enough to suggest that you steer clear of this foursome? I'd have to say no. Musically-speaking this band kills it time and time again. If you could turn off the vocals then this album would be one of the best instrumental metal recordings out there. As it stands now, Fatal Method's latest release makes me want to follow this band and see where they go from here. This one gets a A+  for it 's music and a C- for it's vocals.  

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