Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Postal-2017 Demo


Postal is a (hardcore-leaning) crossover band from Columbus, Ohio that is currently comprised of  Jimmy (lead vox), Joe (guitar/vocals), Matt (bass/vocals), and KB (drums). This three track demo serves as the group's latest release. It might not look all that impressive given it's cover art, but in reality this a prime example of (street-legit) pissed-of/brute force metallic hardcore. It merely serves as an appetizer for the group's next release (which will either an EP or LP) and it demands that you play it LOUD and PROUD! Geared towards both the punks and the headbangers, Postal's sound is a reflection of the anger, frustration, and ugliness that lays waiting inside many of us. It's about time that someone gave us a new voice to help with such an inner struggle...

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