Wednesday, April 26, 2017

N.W.O.B.H.M. Wednesday: Rock Goddess-It's More Than Rock And Roll

Bite You To Death Records

Formed in 1977 by sisters Jody (lead vocals/guitars) and Julie Turner (drums/backing vocals), Rock Goddess is a legendary N.W.O.B.H.M. band from London, England that has only gotten better with age! The group's brand new 3-track EP, "It's More Than Rock And Roll", is all the proof that ones needs to make such a declaration. Backed up by longtime bassist Tracey Lamb (ex-Girlschool), Jody and Julie Turner reaffirm that there is no age restriction on rocking out! Just click on the official video of the title track to hear it for yourself!! It is posted right below this article and it is everything that I love about (straight-up) heavy metal! As someone who discovered Rock Goddess by way of the group's 1983 self-titled debut, "It's More Than Rock And Roll" makes me fall further in love with the exceptional talent that this trio continues to showcase. And that is just the EP's first track! Besides the (instant-classic!) title track you have "Back Off" and "We're All Metal". All three numbers offer a slightly different take on heavy rock/heavy metal and they are all equally suburb. With the self-explanatory "Back Off" the members of Rock Goddess put their feet down and make a stand. This stand is aided by heavy riffs and a metallic edge that just screams "Crank me up!" and "Listen up and listen good!". It's also the perfect way for this London trio to reaffirm their well-deserved place in the metal scene. Of course fans of Rock Goddess realize that this status statement isn't necessary. There has never been a question about what Rock Goddess means to the scene. If anything this just tells today's youth that this is where it all started. It was bands like Rock Goddess that broke down the doors and made it clear that heavy metal shouldn't be about your sex, but your talent and skill set! Just in case that isn't obvious enough to everyone in the metal community, "We're All Metal" spells out the fact that heavy metal is about the music and the lifestyle it fuels. I've always said that the heavy metal community is one big family and "We're All Metal" speaks to that bound. Due out on May 19th, "It's More Than Rock And Roll" is heavy metal at it's finest. If there is any fault to be found with this EP then it has to be it's length. After a couple of spins of "It's More Than Rock And Roll" you just can't help but want to hear more. These three songs remind you of the staying power that is Rock Goddess and exactly what new music means for the fans. Hopefully this EP will start the ball rolling again for this N.W.O.B.H.M. outfit and we won't have to wait so long in-between releases!


You can pre-order the digital version of Rock Goddess' new EP by heading here. Meanwhile if you head this way you can pre-order physical copies of the EP.  The first 500 copies will be signed and numbered!

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