Friday, April 28, 2017

Chained Lace-Morbid Fascination

Heaven and Hell Records

Chained Lace was a doom metal band from Washington, DC. that was active during the eighties. The group was lead by Cheri Blade (ex-Rat Salad) and featured members with ties to the D.C. heavy metal band Hellion. One of those members was Norman Lawson (guitars) who also played in the bands Bedemon, The Obsessed, Bitch, Overlord, and The Factory. This limited-edition compilation gathers together the two demos that Chained Lace released (1985's "Chain Lace" and 1985's "Morbid Fascination") and then adds in unreleased material. Named after the group's one demo, "Morbid Fascination" features re-mastered material and makes Chained Lace's music available on CD for the very first time ever! With the punk rock-like vocals of Cheri Blade (R.I.P.), Chained Lace was strikingly different than most doom metal bands of the time period. At times you can hear the Black Sabbath influences. Other times you can pick up on the influence of The Obsessed. That is the doom metal aspect of these DC doom rockers. Along with Cheri Blade's punk rock delivery, "Morbid Fascination" suggests Chained Lace's flirtation with everyone from Motörhead to The Runaways! As Loot FP properly puts it's on Heaven and Hell's digital page for this album, Chained Lace had a one of a kind sound that even payed homage to (early) Mötley Crüe! For their time period this four-piece band was in a world of their own making. It was a place where punk rock, garage metal, and doom metal all converged in order to give us kooky cool music like this. Thank God that happened and much kudos to Heavy and Hell Records for realizing the important nature of that event!   

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