Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rotting Cadaver-Deadication To Kill


Released on April 23rd, "Dedication To Kill" appears to be the first album from Ohio's own Rotting Cadaver. If that's the case then mad props are in order for this (hardcore-infused) crossover/raw thrash metal band! With nine-tracks in all and a run-time of under twenty minutes, "Dedication To Kill" opens up strong with a hardcore thrasher called "Let it Die" and then moves on quickly to the group's signature song.  On the gut-puncher that is "Rotting Cadaver" this Ashtabula-based band pays homage to the crossover scene of yesterday (or more specifically the mid-eighties to early nineties one!) while simultaneously tossing some (bleak) black metal-like vocals into the mic. It's a sick mash-up that helps set the pace for the rest of this brutal and provocative release! Sandwiched in between the garage thrashers "Dead Stop" and "Precious Death" you have "Fucked" and "Christian Faith is Fake(CFIF)". The later clocks in at 53 seconds while "Fucked" is just 30 seconds long! These two tracks are quick and lethal and they give "Dedication To Kill" a bit more of a hardcore punk vibe. Elsewhere you have "Anger Within", "War" and "Kill Them All". All three tracks are cool, but it is the ever present groove of "Anger Within" that I really dig. On said track the guys in Rotting Cadaver put a tiny bit of Pantera into what is otherwise some killer (raw and riff-heavy) thrash. It's a nice change-up and it goes a long ways toward showcasing the group's versatile edge. By the time the Slayer-like "Kill Them All" closed things off I was definitely sold on this band's skill and potential. For more information on this young band be sure to head over to the group's Facebook page. Honestly it does not give us a lot to go by, but at least it offers an opportunity to follow this Ohio metal band.

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