Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Maze of Terror-Ready to Kill

Empire Records

Formed in 2014 and lead by bassist/vocalist Leviathan (ex-R.I.P.), Maze of Terror is a brutal thrash metal band from Lima, Peru that I've covered before (link). Early last year (late January to be precise) the group released it's first full-length album, "Ready to Kill". For some boneheaded reason that I will never know I am only now getting around to it. Yeah, that makes me the world's biggest idiot as yet again I am late to the party. In the case of Maze of Terror that party would be a drop-dead serious thrash attack affair where slam dancing is not only encouraged, but mandatory! Along with co-conspirators Criminal Mind (guitars), Razor (guitars), and Hammer (drums), main-man & all around metal maniac Leviathan lays a blazing-hot and brutally unreal form of thrash metal down on tape! Wait, have I used the word "brutal" twice in this review? Yes? Well, seeing as this LP is exactly that (Fucking BRUTAL!) I'm not going to shy away from using the best word there is to properly explain just how furious "Ready to Kill" is! If raw and ugly/unrelenting thrash is your jam then this four-piece band has got you covered!! As a band Maze of Terror is thrash metal at it's absolute finest. This album though pushes that concept towards the very edge of perfection. Actually, when it's all said and done and you add up all the high marks (strength of the material, performances, production, etc.), Maze of Terror's full-length debut is a 10 out of 10 album! If Amken's "Theater of the Absurd" makes my list for best thrash album of 2017 (link), "Ready to Kill" would have been the one for 2016!

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