Saturday, January 12, 2008

Aces Wyld interview

Aces Wyld are a young band that hail from Alxandria, Virginia. I recently interviewed them to find out what they were up to. They got together and answered these questions as a group so AW will stand for Aces Wyld. So the band members are:Dan Johnston(Throat) - Niels Vilhelmsen(Guitar) -Jared Scherer(Guitar) - Clint Greenlee(Bass) - David Anderson(Drums)

AW-Sorry this took so long, we all got together and wrote down our responses on a piece of paper and it disappeared so we had to do it again. We think Clint ate it...

MM-This band has been around for about a year. How did the band come to be?
AW-David and Clint started out drummin' and bassin' and went through a couple guitarists before finding Jared. After writing a few songs without a vocalist we met up with Dan. We first discovered him surrounded by a flock of girls at a party wearing ripped up jeans and a Motley Crue T-shirt and immediately decided he was the guy for the job. Shortly after recording our first EP it became evident that another guitarist would really add to the over all kickassery of our band and around that time Niels, whose band had just broken up, contacted us about joinin' Aces Wyld. He Jammed with us and we were totally blown away and so the line up was set.

MM-Who are your musical influences?
AW-Not only our musical but life influences are as follows:Fast Women, Fast Cars, and Free Pizza.In that order.

MM-How would you describe your music?
AW-Louder than Hell, hard rockin', ass kickin', sexy, Wyld, Party Music.

MM-You are from Alexandria, Virginia. What's the music scene like in the Northern Virginia/DC area?
AW-Its uh... Well.. Not really our style. We'll just leave it at that because we'd like to continue getting booked around here haha. Seriously though it can be an advantage because we're one of the only younger bands playing this kind of high energy rock.

MM-You have a new EP coming out. Tell us a little about it.
AW-Our first EP, which we just recently recorded, has been "out" for a little while now but we can't really afford to duplicate it professionally. We've basically been duplicating them ourselves so theres a bit of a shortage. Also now that we have Niels we want to have recordings with him on them and we have a lot of new material so we're going into the studio soon to make a new album. Hopefully we'll be able to afford the duplication by then and be able to get this one out there more. Please... somebody... give us free money!

MM-Have you had any interest from any record labels?
AW-Not so far... You wouldn't happen to know any would you?

MM-What are you going to be doing in 2008?
AW-With any luck We'll have that new material recorded and we hope to be doing some touring by summer.

MM-What bands have you played with? What's the best show you have played so far?
AW-The biggest act we've played with so far was Rhino Bucket, but the best show, surprisingly, was this show we played at this random high school summer camp thing. These kids were chanting "Aces Wyld" and fighting over drum sticks and shreds of clothing, it was great! They had to bring security in to clear out the crowd haha. I guess that was the first show where we felt like real rock stars.

MM-It sounds like you have done a lot for only having been around for a year. Is that from constant work, good breaks or a combination of both?
AW-We've definitely put in a lot of hard work, but it usually doesn't feel like work. We just all have a lot of drive and thats mainly because we really love doing this. Of course we've had our share of good breaks too though such as getting that spot on 98 rock. Thanks Lindsey!

MM-What is it that Aces Wyld are doing that sets you apart from other bands on the scene?
AW-We play high energy hard rockin' music and we do it well. We also have killer stage presence and we like to get the audience involved so basically when people come to an Aces Wyld show their guaranteed a good time.

MM-Where do you hope to be in 2010?
AW-Passed out on a beach in some exotic country surrounded by naked super models. So basically huge rock stars.

MM-Pick one band from the following pairs that you prefer and briefly say why you picked that band.

Motley Crue or Van Halen
Yes.We couldn't decide, both kick so much ass.

Kix or Ratt
Once again out answer is simply: Yes.Both are totally ass kickin'

Aerosmith or KISS
And yet again our answer is: Yes.Decisions are like.. hard n' stuff.

Rolling Stones or The WHO
We decided The WHO. We like the 'Stones too its just that more of us like The WHO. They were louder and crazier. We like loud and crazy.

MM-Is there anything else that you want to say about your band or your music?
AW-Lock up your daughters, lock up your wives and hide the beer! Aces Wyld is Cumin atchya!

***Thanks to the guys from Aces Wyld for doing this interview.


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