Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hate Eternal-Fury and flames

Metal Blade

About fifteen years ago the label "death metal" meant pretty much one thing and that was an aggressive style that plowed straight ahead while being accompanied by definitive growling type vocals. Like most genres and sub-genre, death metal seems to have expanded over the years as we now have the likes of "melodic death", "technical death" and various other labels now falling under this once singular heading. Oftentimes it great to progress, but addressing the basics and pushing them to their fullest can work too and that's what Hate Eternal have done with their latest offering. "Fury and flames" is about as crushing as it is relentless in this celebration of raw brutality. There is little build-up or technical flaunting, but there is no time or reason for it when you are able to produce a blistering mountain of sound like this release. One of my biggest problems with death metal is the all too common feeling that the songs blend together and have a lack of personality. Although there is a definite sameness in style to most of the tracks here, I think they easily avoid that trap because they have manage to give the songs enough of their own identity and each one sweeps you under as they plunge forward. The vocals are the traditional death style, but they very much compliment the music and fluctuate enough as needed. I don't think Hate Eternal are doing anything that terribly different, but when everything they are doing tramples your senses then originality doesn't matter a whole lot in the long run. If you are looking for melodies and virtuoso flashes then you will have to search elsewhere, but if you are in search of a straight ahead massive assault then you are in luck.

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Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Hate Eternal is one of the most respected death metal bands on the scene today. Can't wait to spin my copy. I like that you pointed out the variations of death metal these days because there are now quadruple the amount of bands out there since when you and I were following metal, and now everyone's trying to expand on the concept and do their own thing, which is good or else why bother?

6:15 AM  

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