Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I love Rich-Season of the rich


In a year where Spinal Tap returned and hair band spoof Steel Panther received some notice it's not surprising that other bands would rise up with lyrics that are far from subtle. I love Rich are lead by a vocalist/bassist who is of course named Rich. Yes, just Rich as no last name is listed. Maybe he is too cool for a last name, I don't know. The rest of the band includes guitarists Chuck E. Sleeze and Full Throttle plus drummer Drewblood. The opener is "Let's fuck all night" and the music is very much late 70's KISS with a solid, yet straight forward sound with slightly repetitive lyrics. Keeping in tune with similar topics they follow up with "I'm only here cause your sister said no" sounds more AC/DC with a basic groove helping the bounce along. Up next is "Everybody's getting laid tonight" and you can begin to see that these guys have one track minds for their lyrics. Either they always lead with the crotch or else they just not never got tired of talking about what they talked about back in 8th grade. However "I'll be around" finds this band sounding slightly more serious for some reason. This track sounds like KISS with a touch of early Black -n- Blue tossed in for seasoning. The disc wraps up with "Rise up for rock and roll" which is probably my favorite song here. The main riff sounds similar to "Creatures of the night" era KISS. Rich actually sounds somewhat Paul Stanley on all of the five tracks here. Most of the songs are very simple and a couple them run on a bit too long. This sure isn't rocket science nor does this band try to pretend otherwise. This isn't something I could listen to all the time for sure. Still they tap into the spirit of basic hard rock on the music at least and they play a fun and fairly likable style. Perhaps I liked Rich and his band more than I loved them, but not a bad effort.

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