Friday, May 06, 2011



Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years you should already know the story behind Dan Nelson. Sure he was with Anthrax. And sure enough Anthrax pulled the same stunt with him that they pulled with John Bush. That was then though and this is now. BlackGates is one of Dan Nelson's newest projects. Joining him is veteran metal drummer Paul Bostaph (Testament/ex-Slayer, Exodus, Forbidden), bassist Uriah Duffy (ex-Whitesnake) and guitarist Jeremy Von Epp (The Venting Machine). First thing you notice on these two demo tracks is how much Dan Nelson sound's like a poor man's John Bush. Toss in a bit of Phil Anselmo (Pantera) and you have Dan's sound in a nutshell. Musically too there are some nods to Pantera/Exhorder as well as classic thrash like Testament, Slayer and Exodus. Now considering Bostaph is handling the drums there are not complaints there. As always his drumming sounds top notch. What I found to be a surprise was how monstrous the bass sounded. Uriah Duffy lays down some heavy thump. Guitarist Jeremy Von Epp shows off his solo skills as well on "Break". The song showcases a Pantera gone thrash sound. On "Seeds Of War" there is more Pantera although there is also a heavy does of Armored Saint meets Anthrax metal. Both tracks are compelling and show promise. It will be interesting to see what the band can do on a full length offering. Check them out for yourselves!


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