Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Dwarves-Born Again


Formed in the mid-eighties (originally known as Suburban Nightmare) in Chicago, Illinois The Dwarves began life as a punk rock outfit. Still in their teens when they began The Dwarves became known for their wild and crazy shows. Like GG Allin before them their shows were known for self-mutilation, sex on stage, violence and general mayhem. In fact usually their shows would be cut short just like their mentor. From their punk beginnings the band's sound turned to hardcore before eventually settling on a more eclectic style of punk. On Born Again the Dwarves are at it again. From the album art (what is it about the band and their love of naked midgets & naked women?) to song titles like "We Only Came To Get High" and "I Masturbate Me" it's obvious that these guys live in the same twisted world as bands like The Butthole Surfers, GG Allin and The Mentors. And just like those three bands The Dwarves create seriously deranged music that takes a certain mindset to enjoy. Forget all these so-called punk bands today because these guys are the real deal. Its twisted and truly warped and just like all guilty pleasures its a fun listen. You can check out the album yourself as it is streaming live at the link below. Enjoy!


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