Saturday, November 03, 2012

Agents Of Chaos-Vol. One-EP

Choke Slam Publication

Somewhere along the line one too many bands opted to adapt a sound that fell somewhere between early Alice In Chains and later day Metallica. As previously noted with Canada's The Worshyp (review can be found on this very site if you so desire) there seems to be a growing trend of bands that envision the glory to be had by adopting a stance that is equal parts grunge and hard rock. No one should fault this hard working band that hails from Seattle. After all, it runs in their blood and strong coffee. If anyone is going to take the better parts of Alice In Chains, Metallica and the like (you might hear some Creed, Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden within these 5 tracks so don't be alarmed) and try to make them work why not these guys right? In all fairness it sounds like they have their hearts in the right place even if the results are not always spectacular. Still, there is a fair bet that this is the kind of band that really kills in a live setting where this kind of hard rock is still all the rage.

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