Saturday, November 03, 2012

Sathanos/Spawn of satan-split 7 inch


Hell's Headbangers

Halloween just finished and here is a split album from some guys who probably love that holiday or at least love the idea of pretending to rub elbows with evil monsters and summoning up the devil. Cleveland's Spawn of Satan formed in the late 80's and their contribution here was written in 1988. Really the band didn't actively record until the last decade and they have been part of several split albums during that time period. This band includes former members of Nunslaughter, Crucified Mortals. Their track "Ritual Murder" is a trek back to the very early days of thrash and death metal along the lines of Possessed and Slayer. The music is very basic and the the drums and the overall production has a mid-80's tone. It's pretty much by the numbers material, but the spirit and the growling vocals make it tolerable. Pennsylvania's Sathanas did knock up out a demo in 1988 before breaking up and getting back together in 1992. Since that point they have knocked out 8 full length albums plus several EPs and split albums. Their entry here is "Unholy eternal" and this one has a bit more meat on it and far more bite to it than does the Spawn of Satan song. The sounds is thick and the drums are relentless. The sound is something of a cross between German thrash like Kreator and Sodom mixed with 90's death metal. They have a powerful flow going all the way through the song. This split album offers one likable track and one that is just okay. I probably would have liked both tracks better had heard year ago because now I have this style many times over, but it's still alright offering from bands who love old style thrash and death metal.

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