Saturday, June 29, 2013

Current Playlist

Well, another week of Summer break is behind us. During said time I have attempted to keep the wild animals from getting to restless. Is that the best way to describe teenagers? Maybe not as mind tend to be better then most (even if, like any other set of siblings, they go from being best friends to fighting at light speed!). Anyway, I hit most of my goes for this week (blog wise) although I still need to do a write-up on the new Alice In Chains and Diamond Lil. Hopefully this week will allow for that, but with some doctor appointments and family coming into town that might prove to be extra tricky! We'll just have to see won't we? So, what have you been checking out this week?

Listening to:
Speed Revelation Compilation (German thrash and speed metal bands!)
Lords Of The New Church-Killer Lords
New York City Rock N Roll Compilation
Scorpion Child-S/T (I would love to get to a review of this so we'll see)
AHA-25 Best Of (Snicker all you want I still like them!
Dumpster Juice-Get That Out Of Your Mouth (As much as I wanted to like this one it is majorly flawed)
Kiss-Creatures Of The Night
7 Seconds-Walk Together, Rock Together
David Bowie-The Next Day

Evil Dead II
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

World War Z

Halo (Not sure which one as I play this with my kids and then they usually destroy me within seconds!)

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