Friday, August 09, 2013

Räjäyttäjät-Awopbopaloopop Alopbam RÄJÄ!


Räjäyttäjät, which supposedly means "Detonators", are a 3-piece rock 'n roll/punk rock n' roll outfit from Jytäskylä, Finland. Formed at the start of 2011, with their early releases ("Räjä & Roll All Night Long" and "Jytä Menot Päälläwere") being issued on cassettes, the band features in their ranks Rapa (lead vocals, guitar), Sisse (bass, vocals) and Muuni (drums, vocals). Somewhere between Iggy Pop and The Stooges, The Ramones, The Monkees, Die Toten Hosen and MC5 is where I envision this group falling, but the band is also said to be influenced by a couple of  80's northern rock bands (Radiopuhelimet and Jolly Jumpers) as well as a Finnish form of rock from the '70s called Jytä. With those last couple of influences I'll just have to take their word for it as my knowledge of classic Finnish rock and roll is a wee bit limited. For the record the promo also lists such bands as Sleepy Sleepers, Popeda and The Hurriganes (all of which apparently play Jytä) along with the likes of Faust, Dr. Feelgood, ZZ Top and "the odd surprise attack of The Fall". OK. Again, that's probably all fine and dandy, but to these ears it's some old-school punk and a toke or two of classic rock and roll that keeps these three going on the right track. To makes things simple on everyone involved though let's just say that 3-piece act, who the Finnish music press apparently believe could be the saviors of rock 'n' roll (OK), plays garage-like rock n' roll or, as they call it in Finalnd, "Räjä 'n' roll". Yes, it's doubtful that any of that simplifies what lies at the core of Räjäyttäjät, but when it comes right down to it aren't bands like this playing a universal tune anyway? Perhaps Billy Joel put it all in perspective the best when he sang (in regards to all the different nuances that make up what we call rock music) "It's still rock and roll to me". Even if it's not so easy for someone like me to follow along with lyric-wise (as it rocks out to a different native tongue) it's still easy as all get out to embrace a band like this if for no other reason then their high-energy style. These three really get into the swing of things and you can tell their having some serious fun tearing things up track by track. If punk rock and roll is your bag or even if you just enjoy 60's laced garage rock then chances are you'll dig what these three are laying down.

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