Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lords of the Trident-Plan of Attack

Junko Johnson Records

Are Lords of the Trident really the "most METAL band on earth"? That's what they boldly proclaim. Such a self-imposed title is sure to bring nothing but ridicule right? Unless they really are that bad-ass. The truth is likely to fall somewhere in between, but that's actually not all that important when you're faced with the prospect of "comedy metal". "Uh oh" was my first thought. Seeing as these lads do a bit of "dress-up" and had names like Fang VonWrathenstein and Pontifex Mortis I feared the worst. But, what's this? This Wisconsin band is actually a dope heavy metal band? Yes, really. Strip away the silly costumes and the sillier names and you'll find yourself face to face with some really good eighties-style heavy metal that's been milked to it's full potential and then force-feed some deadly, and oh so tantalizing, U.S. power metal! In fact I'd even dare to say that this band, which also has two full-length albums to their name, kicks some serious ass! These 4 tracks bring to mind some of the greats like Dio, Judas Priest, Saxon and Iron Maiden while also recalling the glory days of the U.S. power metal movement. So, why hide it then behind such a gimmick? Well, maybe I'll get a chance to ask them just that. In the meantime I'm suggesting that if traditional heavy metal butters your bread (so to speak) then by the gods of hellfire and heavy metal track this EP down! Up-front you have one hell of a set of pipes in Fang VonWrathenstein whose epic vocals would have found a place to call home way back in the day when metal bands still battled dragons and waged war with the power of steel! He is aided in this short adventure by the sick duel guitar licks of Killius Maximus and Asian Metal and a killer rhythm section that features Pontifex Mortis and Sledge Garotte (bass and drums respectively). As it's only a 4-track EP there's not a whole lot (time-wise) to "Plan of Attack". But, while it might be shorter then one would desire it still does more then it's fair share of damage and destruction all-the-while leaving nothing but bloodshed and carnage in it's path. In other words "Plan of Attack" flat-out shreds!!!!

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