Thursday, September 12, 2013

Squash Bowels-Grindcoholism

Selfmadegod Records

Here's another release that slipped through my fingers as much as it slipped my mind. Sometime back, my guess would be late July or maybe early August, I managed to play this one when the house was empty save for the sounds of my own personal ghosts. The kids were gone and I enjoyed the none-to-subtle sounds of a hammer beating the shit out of someones brains (or as it's normally called or known as "grindcore") the likes of which I haven't heard since the heyday of Earache Records (man, those were the days). On the sixth full-length studio album from these Polish "grind butchers" we see a band, which incidentally was formed in April of 1994, that isn't afraid to crank out grindcore that is sometimes almost groovy while always being more then a little bit, strike that it's a hell of a lot, bloody and gory! Otherwise it's grind so what more is there to it then that? If I hadn't fallen asleep on the job I'd have posted about ti back then (whenever that was), but right now will have to do I suppose. The current line-up looks as if it features bassist/vocalist Artur "Paluch" Grassmann, guitarist Andrzej "Andy" Pakos and drummer Mariusz "Melon" Miernik. The three sure do cover a lot of ground (racket-wise) on the excellently-named/aptly-titled "Grindcoholism" as we're talking about 14 tracks covered in less then 32 minutes. The longest track is "Surrender" at 3:33 and, as I listened to the album once more for this review, the album moves along at a brisk pace (yes, even by grindcore standards). While it might not be groundbreaking release or anything like that it is a frantic and down-right filthy album that is sure to scare your neighbors and destroy everything around you save for the cockroaches and your personal demons/ghosts! In other words it a grind-ridden good time!  

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