Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Lurking Corpses-23 Tales of Terror (Re-Release)

Hells Headbangers

With the countdown to Halloween already starting for all the lovely little ghouls and goblins out there, which is understanding as I'm all about the customs and candy myself, what better way could there possibly be to celebrate the occasion then this limited edition 2LP re-release of "horror metal*"? I can't think of any myself as we're talking about Fort Wayne, Indiana's own The Lurking Corpses who, having formed in 2001, originally released this sample-heavy (it sounds like mostly old horror films clips), tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek album back in 2003. Serving as their debut-album/introduction to the masses (as well as their first potential recordings since having just escape from the insane asylum LOL!!!), the ghoulish "23 Tales of Terror" was a naughty little collection of tracks that were as much about sex and violence as they were a showcase/celebration for the band's obvious love of old-school and new-school horror films. Up front on the mic was (and still is) Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul whose ghoulish, Danzig-like delivery could easily switch over into a death metal growl at the snap of two boney fingers! While the group, whose latest release, 2012's "Gross Encounters of the Sacrificial Rite", was a split with Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's The Beyond, has struggled through their fair share of line-up changes (among the changes in this group has been the use of 5 different guitarists since 2001!) they are still at it and when you listen to this re-mixed and re-mastered double LP it's easy enough to see the appeal they possess. Even though the band tips the scales between death metal and horror punk there's more than enough "straight-down-the-middle" heavy and trashy metal to keep this one well grounded. Early on it's obvious to tell that the group has a love for The Misfits, but if you're also a  fan of bands like Samhain, Grave Robber, The Undead and Vladimirs then this is an album you might want to listen to. And then there's the obvious reference of solo Danzig as well a thrashed-over Schoolyard Heroes or a much more talented and twisted form of First Jason! All told there's just so much ghoulish rock going on here that for someone like me, who is most definitely leaning towards the weirder side of life, it's just too much fun to pass up! As it is a llimited-edition double-LP, available on both colored vinyl and traditional black vinyl, you'll want to snatch your own copy a.s.a.p. as it's sure to sell out.


* The Metal Archives claims that the band refers to their style of playing as "Horror Metal".

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