Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Transcend Music

"Reflections" is the full-length debut release from Ferium. Having formed in 2006, Ferium has an additional EP and demo to their name and the band, which incidentally hails from Israel, features a rhythm section made of former members of the melodic death metal band Kna'an (bassist Yoni Biton  and drummer Ron Amar) and has a beast of a front-man/growler on the mic by way of Tiran Ezra, offers a streamlined (if not more then a little lethal) take on extreme (modern) metal. With (thrash) guitars dutifully handled by the pair of Guy Goldenberg & Elram Boxer and that previously mentioned rhythm section anchoring Ferium's back end in death metal territory the band works their mojo on these twelve tracks all while offering the listener a 52 minutes sampling of all things extreme. A but more variety on their end might help Ferium take the next logical step needed if they are to make it to the next stage (more moments like "The Black Keys" would have been nice), but it is hard to argue the fact that "Reflections" is anything but explosive! By combining hardcore, metalcore, death metal and thrash into one new element this Israel five-piece does do what the album art of "Reflections" merely teases. These five do slay the beast and they do it with more reflective lyrics then one might expect by looking at the cover. For tackling more personally issues Farium get's an extra nod of approval from my end and even if I cannot say how inventive or completely original "Reflections" is it's still a damn fine collection of drop-dead serious extreme metal and one that I would most certainly recommend to fans of said genre!

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