Monday, March 31, 2014

Pet The Preacher-The Cave & The Sunlight

Napalm Records

Pet The Preacher? There's a novel idea. Not that I actually recommend that anyone go up to and pet a preacher today. Or any day for that matter. No, that might be considered harassment and there might actually be laws against that sort of behavior. Still, I totally dig the name of this Danish act. And yes, I totally dig what this Danish power trio lays down on their second full-length album. Especially given the huge stoner rock riffs and fuzzed over layers of feedback that these three wizards of groove land surf like a wave! The three in question being guitarist/vocalist Christian Hede Madsen, bassist/backing vocalist Torben Wæver Pedersen and drummer Christian Von Larsen and, seeing as "The Cave & The Sunlight" has a homegrown flavor to it (a groovy delicious flavor if that's possible?), these fine gentlemen make you feel right at home thanks to the warm and cozy vibe that their sophomore recording gives off! And here's the thing, if stoner rock riffs and fuzzed out feedback are not enough to wet you're appetite then how about a number like "Remains" where, in grand, garage rock-like fashion, Pet The Preachers rolls out bastardized blues? Tasty doesn't even begin to describe a track like "Remains"! And that's just one of eleven tracks on "The Cave & The Sunlight"! Just one! Just one out of the eleven (all killer and no filler!!!!) "Groovy does it lads!" tracks from Pet The Preacher! Nice....

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

Cool cover. Somehow it almost looks like a late 70's early 80's t-shirt design. It has that kind of faded look.

7:01 AM  

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